Bernice Kotlarz, RN, CHPN
is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years of experience.
She has been a part of many aspects of nursing including:
 Home Health
 Intensive Care
 Emergency Room
 IV Therapy
 Nutrition Support In the early 1980’s Bernice began to do home health visits, including hospice visits, part time. This is where she learned the hospice philosophy and realized the importance of end of life care. Bernice’s passion for hospice care grew and she was working full time in home health by the 1990’s. In 2004, Bernice became Director of Nursing and then Administrator at a large corporate hospice. She quickly grew tired of budgetary restrictions that were placed on her and her patients. In 2007, at the urging of her family, Bernice started Loving Hands Hospice. She wanted high quality care that would provide her patients with a unmatched level of dignity and comfort.

Medical Director

Joseph Sadowski, MD
Loving Hands Hospice Medical Director works closely with each patient's doctor to make recommendations for Hospice care. The Medical Director is involved with patient care meetings, is available for consultation and may visit Hospice patients in their homes. Joseph Sadowski, MD, serves as the Medical Director for Loving Hands Hospice. Dr. Joseph Sadowski has been with Loving Hands Hospice from the beginning and has many years of end-of-life healthcare experience.


David Hanson
The Loving Hands Hospice Chaplain David Hanson is available to meet the spiritual needs of Hospice patients and their families.
Chaplain services are non-denominational and optional. Patients and families may elect to receive support from their own clergy.
Hospice Chaplains support patients and their families by:
 Providing spiritual counseling
 Prayer and/or meditation
 Providing or coordinating spiritual rites or traditions (i.e., communion)
 Coordinating spiritual care with the patient’s clergy

Social Worker

Fred Waltzer, LCSW
The Loving Hands Hospice Social Worker, Fred Waltzer, assists patients and their families by providing counseling and support. He helps to maintain patient dignity and support their cultural and religious backgrounds. Fred also provides bereavement support.
Hospice Social Workers support patients and families by:
 Identifying and understanding the patients' and families' goals and concerns in coping with their illness.
 Providing ongoing, supportive counseling for the family enabling them to problem solve and express their feelings, issues and concerns.
 Providing information and referrals to community resources and education. Some examples are Medicare/Medicaid programs, Advance Directives and transportation

Fred Walzer works also for Associated Behavioral Consultants as a therapist to help with management of Stress, Anger, coping with difficult medical issue and providing individual as well as group therapy. Please visit Associated Behavioral Consultants for more information.

Who WE Are

Loving Hands Hospice is a privately owned patient oriented Hospice.
Our Philosophy dictates quality not quantity.
  We are comprised of a group of experienced professionals who wanted to give a more customized and personalized service.
 The emphasis is on the special needs of every patient, including their families.
 Our Services address the Clinical, Psych-Social, and Spiritual needs of our patients.
 Our excellent Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) visit two or three times weekly, or as needed.
 We offer Music Therapy, for comfort which soothes the soul and is relaxing.
 Our Volunteers eagerly bring compassion to lonely residents wherever they live.
We invite you to consider choosing Loving Hands Hospice for you loved ones end of life care.